Life Pro Tips – for idiots like me

Cellphones are no longer a luxury. They are extremely useful in an emergency.

There was a time I sweared off cell phones and decided to live an offline life. I was driving by myself in the middle of Utah on the way to Moab when I noticed the empty gas indicator light up. The communities are hundreds of miles apart and I spent an excruciating long time cruising without AC in the middle of a desert hoping to get to a gas station. I promptly got a cell as soon as I got out of that mess.

Life Pro Tips – for idiots like me

Make sure you know your night rest stops.

Happened during my Everest base camp trek. On the way back after my group decided to fly back from Lukla, I decided to trek another 3 days to the next main town. On the second day after a 12 hour trek, I couldn’t find any tea houses to take me in for the night. I spent an hour asking random people if I could sleep in their huts before eventually finding a tea house for the night.

Life Pro Tips – for idiots like me

Observe and practice before trying to appear cool

I used to take a bus on a daily basis and noticed some people used to get off the bus before it came to a stop. At a round about, the bus would slow down and this would be enough for a couple of people to get off the bus while it was still in motion.

I figured I should try it out once. Big mistake. I jumped off the middle step instead of the bottom so I was going perpendicular to the direction of the bus. The roundabout might have slowed the bus but I didn’t count for the angular momentum. So I landed flat on my back and had a court side view of the truck behind come to a screeching halt. I survived but looking up at the angry driver, I made my way out of there as quickly as I could.