ssl certificate – cloudflare rocks

While newspin has a ssl certificate, I was debating on whether to add it to my new job search engine. I own both the domains of and which both point to my current job site so I would either require certificates of both or setup a redirect to point to one of the sites and have a single certificate.

I use cloudflare for cdn management and logged in today to setup a redirect when I noticed that cloudflare has turned on ssl by default for all sites including their free domains. Woo hoo, one headache automatically managed. Cloudflare, going above and beyond customers expectations and a wonderful cdn management service for anyone looking for them. has gone the encrypted way



If you visit you might notice a strange green lock in the address bar. Well beginning now, all requests to are automatically forwarded to


We are using a SHA-2 ssl certificate with 128 bit encryption. Nothing should change from your end while you enjoy the benefits of encrypted connection.