What really is Justice?

There’s been a recent movie called “The Final Solution” based on the Godhra riots in the western state of Gujrat (India) in the year 2002. The movie has been banned in India for fear of starting communal strive but I was lucky enough to get hold of a copy of the movie (I don’t really have an effective method for distribution of the movie, but please try to get hold of a copy, it should be on the bit torrent network)

The official verdict of the riots were 250 Hindus and 750 Muslims dead. But unofficially these figures are much much higher. The riots seem to have been inflammed by the right wing nationalist parties of the majority religion (in tacit support of the present state government) to retaliate and wipe out the minority religion. The level of carnage and butchery seems to have been unrivalled since from the time of the jewish genocide from World War II.

Have we as a human race, never really evolved from Animal savagery. How would we have felt if we stood to lose everything we cherished including our lives or worse have everyone you love being raped and killed infront of you knowing there is nothing in your power to stop or get justice for them. This, for being on the wrong side of the religious divide of the mob in front of you. The Police Force which is supposed to be on the right side of truth seems to have turned their backs on the helpless.

Who really is at fault? Is it us because we did not realize the gruesome nature of the riots (which the world media seems to have conveniently ignored), would it be the state government which may have incited the hatred and won the re-election after the riots, or India as an entity which seems to pride itself to the world that it’s the largest democracy in the world.

If the people who trying to gather the fragments of their life ask you if you can give them justice, what can you offer them….. What really is Justice.