Curiouser and curiouser – how deep is that rabbit hole?

Friday August 19 was one of the bizzarest nights for me. A friend and I went to a sort of a gathering near a beach on the north side of chicago. There were all sorts of people gathered around there; people juggling, hoola-hooping, biking etc.

There were a big group of people playing music reminding you of african and native american drum beats and all. This was accompanied by people dancing in an almost hippie kind of way. It seems this group gathers every full moon night and dance away, highly reminiscent of the old pagan way of life. Borrowing my friends words, ‘ I can almost understand this thing occuring in san francisco with its liberal outlook, but something like this in the midwest town of chicago is very bizzare‘.

The whole atmosphere did have a trance like quality to it. It takes you out of your comfort zone, but a very highly engrossing experience. And to top off the night, on our way back a lady stops us on the streets asking for a condom … and then I decide to go for around a 3 mile jog at midnight.

A very interesting night..

Politicians and bed fellows

Ronald Reagan once said Politics is supposed to be the second oldest profession. I have come to realize that it bears a very close resemblance to the first.

Liberalist parties in india have been accusing the hardliners of being against minorities. The congress party which is in power in India has now curiously avoided persecuting the BJP party during whose reign the Godhra riots occured. Now there is a new commission report (Nanavati commision) which has damning reports of the Congress Party’s hand in the Sikh massacre of 1984.

It will be nice if the parties get off their secular and non secular bandwagon and try the simple theory that if you commit murder, you should be prosecuted.

So now both the ruling party and the largest opposition party have been implicated in having a direct or indirect hand in two of the worst riots in the country. Testing and troubling times for the world’s largest democracy …..

Evolution – who needs evolution

President George W. Bush has been asserting that ‘ schoolkids, when learning about evolution, should be taught about alternate theories like “intelligent design,” the theory that the world’s complexity is evidence of a cosmic designer, God.’

Hmm… Bush may actually have a point here (As may have Kansas when the State School board approved a curriculum which eliminates the theory of evolution).

Atleast if you subscribe to these theories then maybe men’s nipples can be explained.

I mean if you believe in evolution what scary ass use would there have been for men’s nipples ….. ouch.