Curiouser and curiouser – how deep is that rabbit hole?

Friday August 19 was one of the bizzarest nights for me. A friend and I went to a sort of a gathering near a beach on the north side of chicago. There were all sorts of people gathered around there; people juggling, hoola-hooping, biking etc.

There were a big group of people playing music reminding you of african and native american drum beats and all. This was accompanied by people dancing in an almost hippie kind of way. It seems this group gathers every full moon night and dance away, highly reminiscent of the old pagan way of life. Borrowing my friends words, ‘ I can almost understand this thing occuring in san francisco with its liberal outlook, but something like this in the midwest town of chicago is very bizzare‘.

The whole atmosphere did have a trance like quality to it. It takes you out of your comfort zone, but a very highly engrossing experience. And to top off the night, on our way back a lady stops us on the streets asking for a condom … and then I decide to go for around a 3 mile jog at midnight.

A very interesting night..

2 thoughts on “Curiouser and curiouser – how deep is that rabbit hole?”

  1. Hello, c3p0 – saw your comment on your blog..thanks for dropping by. Thought I’d repay the compliment. Ya..I think I was there (twisting her arm) when our common friend sent u a link to my blog (If my assumption is true!):)
    And btw, I think Chicago’s a fantastic city, and most places have an eerie side that comes alive at night, or in certain areas or times of the year..Enjoy it while u can!

  2. stranger things have happened….

    for instance, imagine a power outage in a small indian town – no lights anywhere – u could see a candle light a mile away and then, all of a suddent someone says – “Let There Be Light” and miraculously lights come up in the entire town….eerie, spooky, strange ????

    welcome to the world of abdnormal days…a la x-files ?????

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