Yossarian in the Indian Parliament

For those who follow Indian politics and politicians, I’m sure the recent sting operations which filmed Indian MP’s accepting money to raise questions in the parliament, must have come as no surprise.

I was looking into what questions were actually raised in the parliament and a couple of questions stand out showing not only the ingenuity of the journalist as well as the ignorance of the people who represent the largest democracy of the world.

Excerpts from ANIRUDDHA BAHAL article on cobrapost.com:

Q) Whether the Railway Ministry has placed any order for purchase of the Yossarian Electro Diesel engine from Germany? Is the ministry aware that the Tom Wolfe committee report in Germany has halted its induction into the Euro Rail system?

Q) Whether the Government has given sanction for the seed trial of Salinger Cotton of Monsanto? If so, has a report been prepared on Catch 22 cotton so far?

AB- And now, that I have paid homage to Yossarian, I am a little upset that Major Major and Milo Mindbinder got left out. But I am happy that the Yossarian brand name has infiltrated the German market in spite of strong opposition from Tom Wolfe thanks to the foresightedness of the Indian parliamentarians. As for the Catch 22 and Salinger cotton strains I hope they are tremendously profitable for farmers”

I’m sure Joseph Heller never thought that his book catch 22 would be creating such havoc in the indian parliament … Our parliamentarians have done us proud