Please Mr. President

President Bush, please stay off Alaska. You’re State of the Union address about ending foreign oil dependency and pursuing alternative energy sources is very inspiring, but I hope that quest does not lead you to Alaska. Any growing economy needs to fulfill its energy needs, but I’m sure we can stay off one of the world’s last natural eco system. I hope we haven’t forgotten the 1989 Exxon Valdez Oil Fiasco. More than 11 million gallons of crude oil were spilled off the coast of Alaska causing irreparable loss to the environment and animals there.

Amongst the alternative fuel sources I hope you look into nuclear fuel. There hasn’t been major nuclear power plants set up after the Three Mile Island disaster of 1979 (followed shortly by Chernobyl), but I’m sure safe nuclear power can be harnessed. All new nuclear plants can be set up far from humanity – this is a big country. I’m sure there are places in New Mexico, Arizona or Texas which would be ideal (people please don’t send me hate mail – I know Texas is God’s own “country”).

The dependence on gas for cars can be offset by further promoting fuel cell research as well as improved hybrid performances. I’m sure the automotive industry, which pumps in a lot of money for lobbying, can be brought around to accept it. If possible get the Hummer banned off the streets, after all smokers are not allowed to smoke in public in quite a few places.

I’m sure your smart advisors have lots of proposals for clean alternative energy sources which don’t involve drilling for oil in Alaska. Human beings have been a very wasteful species; please do not hasten the demise of this planet.

Please Mr. President, won’t you stay off Alaska.

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  1. I’d have to say the oil development that’s gone on at Prudhoe Bay since 1968 hasn’t been all too bad for the local environment, has aided the overall economy and greatly helped those who live in Alaska (every resident receives $1,000 per year from the state, tax-free, and there is no state income tax).

    Also, keep in mind that any oil exploration is limited to the coastal area of this giant preserve anyway.

    All that being said, here’s a site that disagrees with me:

  2. The Exxon Valdez spill happened in exactly the same region causing irreparable loss to the ecosystem.

    The coastal areas that you are talking about are also the feeding grounds of the blue,grey and humpback whales. Humans have already hunted these whales to the brink of extinction, any major accidents in alaska can push them over the brink.

    So is 1000$ a year really worth the risk?

  3. yeah the whole deal about removing the dependence on foreign sources is really just a vague idea which the president has put out. I dont really think they can do much about drilling oil in Alaska as most of the oil wells are owned by foreign companies and transporting it would be costlier than from middle east. Though converting corn into fuel isnt a bad idea considering US pays their farmers to get rid of their excess Corn produce.
    Nuclear plants would be a really good idea but i dont think it is feasible in a country such as United State which is always in a state of panic regarding their Security.
    But it will be funny what bush will try to come up with in the next few months. considering he isnt getting any support from the democrats or the hard-core conservative. I think we are in for some nice entertainment.

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