Trip Down Memory Lane

It’s 3 am and I’m on a major trip down memory lane. I’ve come across so many memories which have been almost forgotten.

Growing up is over rated, it may nice going back to the uncomplicated times of growing up in India in the 80’s and 90’s.

Television had just come in, I remember our first black and white television. I remember the amazement with which we used to watch Door Darshan the national channel and the only one running at the time. It used to run only for a few hours a day with the remaining time filled with a shrill sound and multiple stripes to fill up the screen.

Those were the simpler days

Sundays used to be for mythological serials where the entire country used to sit together to watch ramayana and mahabharata at a later time. Since tv wasn’t a major part of daily life, all the kids used to get together to play different games like cricket, football, gotis (raja rani), l-o-n-d-o-n, hide and seek.

Those were the simpler days

Then we had two channels.. DD1 and DD2. Cricket matches got split between both the channels during NEWS. A lot more episodes started running.. buniyaad, bharat ek khoj, dekh bhai dekh, malgudi days, tenali rama. Summer holidays meant episodes of Fraggle Rock, Giant Robot, Dee Dee’s comedy show.

Those were the simpler days

School was a lot more fun. Friends to be met. Fr Agnels was tough but it has made me the man I currently am. The only worry was being made to stand outside the class and being scared of Father Almeida walking by and noticing you. You would always be scared to talk to girls. Bring your lunch not to eat it, but exchange it with someone else’s lunch that you fancy.

Those were the simpler days

When you really look back there are so many memories that have been locked away in the vaults of your mind. Things will never be the same again, but its nice being nostalgic for a different era sometimes. I’m sure when you look back to your formative years you’ll have your memories of those days ….. those simpler days …

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