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For every major event in history there have always been a group which believe that there is a conspiracy behind it. There have been numerous theories from Neil Armstrong didn’t actually land on the moon to the CIA being behind John F Kennedy’s death.

It’s easy to discard most of it offhand, but after watching a couple of documentaries on the attacks in the United States on Sept 11, I am inclined to believe in that the normal understanding of the attacks may be flawed.

Now 9/11 is an emotional topic for most americans and others (including Indians which were the second largest group in the casuality list) and this post isn’t meant to offend anyone. There are a few questions raised which appeal to my logical sense and I believe they need to be answered for it be a balanced discussion.

I’d like to live on the sanskrit principle ‘satyam eva jayate’ or truth always prevails – not trying to be too preachy :).

People who haven’t watched the loose change video, would be encouraged to atleast try to watch the video before dismissing their observations.


Some of the arguments put forward by the loose change video for a government conspiracy behind 911 are

* WTC towers are the first couple of buildings in the history of sky rises to fall due to fire. These include building which have been burning for quite a few hours as well as the empire state building which survived a b-52 bomber which crashed into the building. World trade center 7 was the only building to collapse even though there wasn’t any direct hit on it.
Quite a few of the survivors of the WTC towers mention secondary explosions in the buildings which go along with video footage and the recently releases fire fighters audio conversations with control suggesting multiple secondary explosion almost like implosions carried out in controlled demolitions.

* Multiple first hand observer accounts suggest that a airplane which did not have side windows hit the WTC towers. This would negate any commercial jetliner which are believed to have hit the WTC.

* The pentagon was hit by a low flying airplane which did not leave any skid marks on the grass. Also the only damage on the pentagon is a 16 foot hole with no damange caused by the 42 foot wingspan of a boeing or by the titanium alloy engines. There are no fuselage or other wreckages of the airplane at the pentagon with the official explanation being that everything evaporated due to the intense blaze of the crash.
This seems to be quite unlike any other aircraft accidents.

There was a neighbourhood gas station, a nearby sheraton hotel and the virginia DOT which had cameras which could have captured the crash. These videos were confiscated by the FBI. If this is true, the government can release these videos and silence any conspiracy theorists.

These and other observations (with print and media references) would raise questions in any reasonable logical mind, IMHO.

In the end it may remain an urban folklore with neither side having a reasonable grasp of reality

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