Get your betting money out, the world cup is here

I’ve been following the 2006 Football world cup without picking a team to support (India sucks as they can’t qualify for the world cup qualifiers) . Now after analyzing the games here are my world cup predictions.

(1-First Place, 2-Second Place, Alphabets are the groups)

1A Germany v Sweden 2B – Germany
1C Argentina v Angola 2D – Argentina
1B England v Ecuador 2A – England
1D Portugal v Netherland 2c – Netherland
1E Italy v Australia 2F – Italy
1G SKorea v Ukraine 2H – Ukraine
1F Brazil v Ghana 2E – Brazil
1H Spain v Swiss 2G – Spain

Germany v Argentina – Argentina – 🙂 due apologies to german fans, I know they are good
England v Netherland – England
Italy v Ukraine – Italy
Brazil v Spain – Brazil

Argentina v Italy – Argentina
England v Brazil – Brazil (oh come on english fans, I hope u seriously didn’t think you would win the world cup)

Argentina v Brazil – BRAZIL!!!

So if you are looking at betting predictions for the winner of this year’s world cup, go for brazil…. ole ole ole ole ole viva la brazil. Brazilian fans make room for the sixth star on your jersey.

3 thoughts on “Get your betting money out, the world cup is here”

  1. ditto – although i would make room for some upsets and ensure that brazil won eventually – that makes the tournament more interesting…

  2. Hmmm, your predictions don’t look so hot now…haven’t you ever filled out a NCAA Tournament bracket? You’ve always gotta pick some upsets!

    Also, something I just recently heard but played a big factor in this World Cup. I guess South American teams traditionally have had a hard time against a number of European teams when a World Cup is played in Europe. Turns out that was true again.

    Italy v. France, eh? Italy’s on a big roll and has big defense and a great keeper — France has a lot (too much?) of age and experience. I’ll say France, Zidane is sent off w/ another Cup win as Buffon gives up his first goal to an opponent of the tournament.

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