Protest Away

A splinter group of the fascist Shiv Sena party in bombay starts a state wide anti-migrant rally restarting their original claim to fame campaign about migrants stealing jobs from the local marathi-manoos (sons of the soil)

The gujjar community in rajasthan started a statewide protest movement demanding tribal status to the community so that they can avail of the reservations in education and jobs.

The sikh community creates a stir after a bollywood movie ‘Singh is King’ is claimed to hurt the religious sentiment of sikhs.

The hindu community in the US and India protest against the new movie ‘The love guru’ claiming it hurts the religious sentiments of hindus and casts indians in a very poor light.

The anti-migrant rally in bombay and maharastra takes a violent turn, driving out migrants by the tens of thousands and invertently claiming the life of a marathi manoos (the very community that was supposed to be protected). In another incident, supporters of one of the ruling start congress minister (a former shiv sena minister himself) attack an editor of a marathi daily who wrote about the wasteful spending of the current government and their ludicrous attempt to spend crores erecting a statue of Shivaji.

The gujjar protest caused cancellation of hundreds of trains, thousands of crores of damages and a few deaths over the past year.

The sikh protest over movie and an mtv ad resulting in vandalism of the mtv office in mumbai, resulted in the arrest of over 70 people.

Love guru is deemed to reinforce negative stereotypes regarding the hindu community and there have been efforts to have the movie banned or have an adult certificate attached to the movie.

Are indians born with absence of reason or do we enjoy protesting so much that we dont really evaluate issues worth fighting for.