Truth doesnt triumph – in India

There has been a long media trial in India for Ruchika Girhotra’s case, but justice served after a 19 year fight means nothing, especially when the multiple police officers and administrators who covered up the crime still go scott free.

Unfortunately the case of Satyendra Dubey (linky, linky) might be one such case where justice is completely denied. The police in India has graduated from being a completely corrupt organization to a living breathing force going to any ends to protect one of its own.

This week 3 people got a life sentence for the murder of Dubey. Ofcourse the three were petty criminals, juveniles at the time of the crime and in no position of authority in the Golden Quadrilateral project (Dubey was trying to expose corruption in the project). Its a cruel game played on the Dubey family but I’m sure the police have no intention of finding the guilty party.

Maybe its time to have a rethink on India’s nation motto of Satyameva jayate (truth alone triumphs)