Its a new start with the new year

This new year brought about many changes. One of the primary ones was my Salt Lake experiment ran its due course and life has brought me back to Chicago. Looking back it was one of my most successful experiments. I loved living without a sense of belonging lugging around my 2 suitcases from motel to inn. I loved some motels and stayed there for weeks on end and hated a few where I stayed just for a night. I especially loved my 1 week at Snowbird Ski resort where I was the only one driving down the mountain to go to work in the morning, while everyone else was driving up to ski and vice versa in the evenings.

Infact now that I’ve stayed for a month in Chicago, the normalcy is getting a bit monotonous. But it is nice not having to figure out where I need to sleep tomorrow. But atleast with my new project in Chicago, I’ve continued my process of breaking out of the 9-5 mold and remained a consultant. I do hope that this year is as interesting as last year.

Coming back to chicago means talk with friends about life and politics back in India. I’ve never been a fan of Gujrat CM Narendra Modi and I’ve often been asked on why I dislike him. To give Mr. Modi credit, he has done wonders for Gujrat the last couple of years and is probably the best CEO styled Chief Minister since Chandrababu Naidu. However till the people affected by the Godhra riots don’t get justice, I personally wont be trusting Mr. Modi anytime soon. Here’s a really nice article about the riots in today’s Hindustan times by Indrajit Hazra.