Before Sunrise: December 2004

I’ve been doing some spring cleaning (on my computer) and I came across something I had written almost 10 years ago. Funny how my feelings haven’t changed much since then. Not that I want to bore you with some old stuff, I just want to put this out there just to see if I feel the same 10 years from now.


Its December 2004, it’s pretty cold outside in Chicago and I’m alone at home. I’ve decided to get my glass of wine and put in the movie before sunrise. It’s been almost 10 years since I saw the movie last.

I don’t know if it’s the movie or the wine, maybe a combination of both, but it’s interesting to note changes a person goes through in a decade. A decade, seems a big chunk of time for a 25 year old person.

Optimistically there haven’t been too many changes, I still have ‘why worry’ by ‘mark knopfler’ and ‘desperado’ by ‘the eagles’ going on in the background. I’m still very confused on what I want to do in life, I’m not sure if that is a trait of my generation.

It was a very eager 16 year old watching this movie for the first time. Before sunrise is a good movie to inspire dreams in a young and fertile mind. You have the thrill of a train journey through Europe, visiting historic cities, meeting and connecting with your soulmate and having a magical night.

A decade later on, having lived in America for 3 years, traveling all over the US, having a trip in brazil and the UK, you tend to develop a more pessimistic attitude towards life. I have traveled through the Himalayas, but the farther we move away from civilization, don’t make you feel less empty about things not working out the way you want them too. Maybe all your trips are not as magical as you would dream, the all encompassing love people are made to believe in may not exist after all. Europe may not be such a dream place, just an overpriced over-hyped tourist location for rich people to buy their place in the sun.

It’s a wonder to see how many more of your dreams fall away on the wayside. Sometimes it’s difficult for people brought up on fairytales involving soul mates and the dream person  to come to terms with life where your dreams have no place in reality.

It’s interesting to know the same things can have different meanings. Initially before sunrise signified a freedom of spirit, travel and love in the air, while now you notice more the subtleties of relationships. The female lead in the movie mentions something about how in a relationship of a couple over time can get strained just by their familiarity of each other, by how a person knows the response to any argument and how it can get irritating.


That’s an interesting future to be looking forward to.