(Im)partiality of NDTV


The breaking news of today is The Hindu’s and Wikipedia’s expose on former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi being a middleman for an arms deal. Every other news organization has it as their main story or at the least in the top 3. Surprisingly nothing on NDTV’s website. I guess when you are looking for controversy, its not difficult to find reasons to justify your delusions ­čÖé




I came across this youtube clip recently which if you listen carefully has the producer or anchor commenting on taking a pro-congress stand.

I obviously tweeted the link to NDTV but haven’t seen any official comments yet. It got me thinking back to the Nira Radia tapes where Nira Radia was asking Barkha Dutt to be a messenger between the Congress and the DMK. Searched for the barkha dutt denial interview and after re-watching, I’m not entirely convinced on her┬ádefense. It’s a 50 min video, so I’ve taken the liberty of starting it at the point where the interview gets interesting.

Make up your own mind on whether NDTV is impartial as they claim or are have more than a stake in the well being of the ruling Congress party.