Game dev is where its at.

I developed Newspin after a few months work (mainly deciding on technologies etc.) and its received middling acceptance, even after promoting it to friends and acquaintances.

After publishing it, I decided to try out game development and published World quiz. I promoted it to no one (no one really reads this blog). Surprisingly in the couple of weeks since it was published, it has already overtaken Newspin in downloads.

Looks like I was wasting my time with app development, game development is where its at boys and girls.

Now we have comments

The last few weeks, I’ve either been sleeping or working on my android app News Cube. To the five people who are using my app, I’m pleased to announce that you can now add comments.

Soon you’ll be able to vote up comments. I’ve also made some improvements in the server side code as well as switched my server provider in the hopes of having a more stable experience.

So if you haven’t tried out  News Cube, whats stopping you, it is free.

News Cube

I’ve been working on building a social news reader for a pretty long time. Its time to finally release the beta version of the app. You can download News cube from the google play store at Currently its based on Indian news feeds only. If there are any requests for other countries’ news feed, it can be easily added.

It is in beta, so there will be quite a few changes. If you would like to help me test it out, do go ahead and download the app. I would love any sort of feedback.

For people curious on the technology stack, it uses nodejs and redis on the server side. I’ve also finally deployed my node cron job npm module as well.

The next few weeks would be spent discovering if my server is capable of handling the bandwidth (assuming anyone actually uses this app), so please let me know if you can’t retrieve any news feeds.

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5554_4.65_and_Store_Listing_-_News_Cube_-_Google_Play_Developer_Console          5554_4.65 3


Grocery shopping list

My experiments with Android continue. This is my take on creating a shopping and to-do task list. I’m sure there are hundreds of free apps but in case you have an android phone/tablet and wish to spend $0.99 on an absolutely non-essential app, please try out Grocery tasks.

Ofcourse if you meet me in real life and ask nicely, I’ll be more than happy to give it to you for free.