A little bit of perspective

There are people dying in Ethiopia over elections, Israel and Palestine constantly have trouble with each other, civilians are dying everyday in Iraq, Europe is having its problems having its constitution ratified.

However further to the west of the Atlantic Ocean, the stories which seem to be making PRIMETIME news in America are

* A woman who ran away from her wedding
* Trial of a black/caucasian self styled King of Pop
* Someone who is missing from home (and since there is a possibility of such occurences happening everyday, the same story can be circulated with a different face)

Why does such micro news whet the appetites of general Americans?

It’s easy being shut off from the rest of the world, not so easy opening up and embracing other people’s suffering. I wonder what it would take to get a little bit of perspective of life in general, in this land of milk and honey, and maybe get people to think about something other than suburban houses and cars.

For proponents of this life who say that their way of living atleast doesnt harm others, I feel they are mistaken. It’s this ignorance of the world in general that elects governments such as the present one, which in turn can act in impunity and defiance to satisfy their greed and intolerance.


My 2 paisa/cents/pennies on religion

Lets talk about the two main religions currently on Earth – Islam and Christianity.

If you look at the history of these religions, they came in prominence by convincing everyone that you will be saved if you follow them otherwise you will be damned.

So if each of these religions command followers equaling around 1/3 rd of the population of earth, 2/3rd of the popluation is definately going to be damned (irrespective of which religion you would belong to).

Seems very similar to being picked to play in a team = being popular and accepted, to not playing = geek and social outcast …. hmmm funny how my life can be summed up in one line 🙁

And each of the major religions have big players on their team

Islam has Allah and the captain is prophet Muhammed versus the other team – kaafirs.
Chrisitanity has God and Jesus Christ as captain. These two teams dont play each other well though, all the great crusades through the middle ages havent brought a result, so we still dont know who won and still face the prospect of being damned.

There are other teams as well. Judaism is an old team, not to many invitations thrown out to join, but He leads His people. Ofcourse they have taken an interesting way to join the league, parting the sea and commanding locusts, weather etc so on paper they are pretty strong team. But since they dont send to many invitations to join, their strength isn’t as much as the other two.

Coming to the other pagan religions of the Indian subcontinent, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism.

Hinduism is cool in one way as it doesnt tell you, that it’s the right religion for you, almost helps lost people be secure in the knowledge that they dont have to strive to do anything. But the thousands of gods get confusing at times and it gets difficult to keep track. Since it doesnt send out invitations to join, it would be in danger of dying out, but thats offset by the indians “doing” each other all the time. More the merrier I guess.

Buddism and Jainism are more strict and less fun, more stress on dharma, right path and reincarnation. Since you have a chance of being born as a mosquito – damn I should have thought about this before I just killed one, doesnt stand much chance unless you attract another Hollywood celeb looking for the next cool in-thing.

Sikhism is borrowed on Hinduism and Islam. It doesn’t let people cut their hairs and expect them to carry a small knife. Now since those big bearded people remind people of terrorists nowadays, I say they are pretty fucked right now but they should be back in the game soon.

Since none of these alternate religions, by default, send people of other religions to hell, ummmmmm not so much of an effect on the world.

I think we have hit upon the basic tenet of a major religion. How about you and I start a new religion – I’m sorry to say you are the only other person to have viewed this blog. Well I’m already a lonely bored person, so it doesnt say much about you. Oh if you actually stumbled upon this site by error, I think you took a wrong Left turn 5 minutes ago.

So here’s to world domination through our religion and the herd mentality of our race in general.

p.s. I think we should pay respects to that oft ignored religion – UFOreligion. The UFO gazers cult have very similar beliefs, the world is going to end and if you dont join them when they leave, you will be DAMNED !!!