Delhi: Rape Capital of India

Delhi, capital of India, is slowly being tarnished with another tag : Rape capital of India.

India which has always had an aura of mysticism and spiritualism associated with it, seems to have caught up with modern times with a surprising pace. Day light rapes seem to occur every alternate day in Delhi. Most of the crimes seem to be committed by educated people from well to do families.

The constant interference of politics in day to day administration does not seem to have helped as well.. Is Delhi soon on the road to anarchy ?

Truth and Reconciliation

I’m sure everyone is frustrated by stories where ordinary people do not have the means to fight for truth and justice against the powers to be. Quite often it is difficult to come to the conclusion that maybe the idea of justice for all, doesnt really work for a sizeable population.

I’m really eager to find out if efforts like the Truth and Reconciliation Commission had the necessary impact. If someone has had a personal experience where you feel let down, it may be worth the effort to see if the path of reconciliation would work for you.

ARCHBISHOP DESMOND TUTU in the Truth and Reconciliation Report said …. “We have been privileged to help to heal a wounded people, though we ourselves have been, in Henri Nouwen’s profound and felicitous phrase, ‘wounded healers’. When we look around us at some of the conflict areas of the world, it becomes increasingly clear that there is not much of a future for them without forgiveness, without reconciliation. “

Maybe Mahatma Gandhi’s words “An eye for an eye and the world will be blind” sums it up.