africa on my mind

There is a current news item about how a group of africans are risking their lives (some have already paid the price) by trying to cross over from morocco to spain.

It’s a sad state that humanity has forsaken the continent where probably the genesis of human beings may have occurred. The western world seems to be ignoring the plight of most africans who are faced with a future of dying of aids, hunger or wars.

The 5 nations (us,uk,france,russia and china), permanent members of the security council are the world’s worst arms proliferators, who for their greeds have reset the clock of civilization on an entire continent.

Maybe once the source of blood diamonds is exhausted, will this exploitation end.

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  1. You are right. Its very sad. Time magazine had run an article which was an extract from Jeffery Sach’s book The end of Poverty:Economic possibilities. I am yet to read the book, but it paints a trully dismal picture of villages devastated by aids to an extent that there are only small kids and Old people left. he talks about people succumbing to malaria because they cannot afford the muaquitoe nets. He laments that farmers cannot grow food to feed hungry nations since they cannot afford fertilizer. I am preety right wing in my views , but even I have to agree that intervention of an unprecetended scale is necessary. I however can’t resist a parting shot. All the aid in the world cannot help , unless the administration that people recieve improves.

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