Fair and Lovely

The Indian obsession for fair skin seems to have turned a new page when an Indian cosmetic company has launched a new skin lightening cream targeted exclusively towards men. This attempt seems to be in complement with thousands of such creams available for women.

I dont know if this is just an ugly leftover from the Raj or a bit earlier to the supposedly fair skinned Aryans, but this obsession seems with skin seems so hard to understand. And fair skin is not a lightly taken issue (no pun intended).

Indian women’s matrimonials are filled with ads such as ‘FAIR, slim and beautiful woman, light complexion, can sing, dance, cook and carry 4 babies at the same time’.

The fairness complex seem to have affected the gods too. All mythological serials seem to accentuate the difference between fair and dark skins. All gods, devs and generally the good guys are invariable light skinned (with a ton of makeup to make it lighter) and the asuras and bad guys have dark skin.

Such a throw back from the times, when the gods were all depicted as dark skinned (such as krishna painted dark blue in the murals at Ajanta and ellora.

With people in the western hemispheres trying to be darker with regular tans, and Indians trying to be lighter, it gives a different meaning of not being comfortable in your own skin, should be more like not comfortable with the color of your skin.