Mob mentality

India has been famous where the mob becomes a law onto itself.

The most recent case seems to have arisen after the Delhi – Diwali Bomb blasts. The police released a sketch of a suspect in the blasts. This seems to have occured to the misfortune of Mohammed Nawab, 19, who was on Thursday beaten up by a mob at Vaishali in Ghaziabad because he looks like the man police suspect.

“Then people started pointing to a sketch in the papers and beat me. I don’t even know what crime they think I’ve committed, I think people shouted that I started a fire. I’m just an innocent man. My face looks nothing like that in the sketch. Just because I am poor people are beating me.”

He also added “The only people who haven’t beaten me today are the police” and he was there the rest of the day for his own safety even after police gave him a clean chit.

A farcical and an almost wickedly funny story.

Hail to the mob and for once the police (known for its endemic corruption and human right abuses) seem to have been the good guys for once.