An Act of rememberance – Manjunath Shanmugam and Satyendra Dubey

I’ve just come back from my short vacation so haven’t been posting for a while (its nicer for my ego to believe that someone other than myself is reading this site)

Recently Manjunath Shanmugam lost his life while fighting corruption in IOC. His life like Satyendra Dubey (ex-IITian who was also killed fighting corruption) before him has been cut short for the greed of some.

Manjunath’s friends have set up a blog in his memory where a signature petition is undertaken for justice. I hope to have two signatures from this blog. Since I’m the first one, I hope you (the only other reader on this blog) will handle your onerous responsibility and take some time off to sign this signature petition.

People like Satyendra and Manjunath will hopefully stand out as role models for us lesser mortals.

2 thoughts on “An Act of rememberance – Manjunath Shanmugam and Satyendra Dubey”

  1. Hope you can spread this to friends in the U.S too

    Manjunath’s case will not die down. The goons didn’t know whom they were messing with. Its not 1 honest guy….they have enraged all the honest hardworking junta in India & Indians abroad

  2. While we can never understand the pain, loss and suffering Manjunath’s family has gone through, I would not like to trivialize the loss of his life by sympathizing with his family. Manjunath stood for values and principles, imbibed by his family, for which he gave up his life and we, as Indians, salute his family and him for giving India this brave martyr.

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