Forgive us, since we have sinned ..

Since this is the Lent season, I thought I’ll talk a bit about christianity and catholicism in particular.

I was reading about the guy who put his soul on ebay. The winning bidder was a catholic priest from seattle who in return asked the guy to attend a few church sermons and write objectively on his thoughts (which is a very bold move and I’m glad christianity is promoting introspection).

A few of my friends are giving up things for lent and I thought about the origin of the concept.

Now according to the bible (carried over from the old testament):

Creation occurred in six days as described in Genesis 1:1 to 2:3:
* Day 1: creation of light and its separation from darkness.
* Day 2: separation of the sky and oceans.
* Day 3: separation of land from the oceans; spreading of plants and grass and trees across the land.
* Day 4: Creation of the sun, moon, and stars.
* Day 5: Creation of sea animals and birds.
* Day 6: Creation of the land animals. Creation of man.
* Day 7: God rested.

Now if god is all powerful and can create the entire universe, why would he be tired enough to rest on the 7th day. Also if he created the entire master plan why would he create just ONE man, didn’t he see that it would lead to extinction (and Darwin would have to find work as an ironsmith).

So He looked back and thought of giving Adam company, so he created eve (out of adam’s rib), which again doesn’t make sense (won’t it hurt). So in effect since we are all descended from adam and eve we have by default violated the seventh commandemnt “Though shall not commit adultery” – incest is covered (I checked)…

So in effect, if we have already sinned, does following anything for lent make any difference?

p.s. Is this the all important theory of intelligent creation being promoted by the Republicans as an alternative theory to evolution?

One thought on “Forgive us, since we have sinned ..”

  1. I think “Intelligent Design” says however creation occurred, God caused it. So the first chapter of Genesis (the multiple creation stories) may be more of a metaphor than an actual time table of the event. As far as I am concerned the mechanics of the events belong in science class…how peoples have explained the event is more an issue of religion/culture.
    None of this has a darned thing to do with Lent which is basically a 40+ day period of spiritual preparation for the Big Day of Christianity–Easter!!

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