A Tale of Two Worlds

7/11 7 Bombs ripped through trains in bombay, with one being defused. 200 dead quite a few more injured.
7/12 With public anger rising at the lack of a breakthrough the government appeals for calm and more time for investigations.
7/13 Israel attacks Lebanon as hezbollah kidnaps a couple of Israeli soldiers.

This event thousands of miles away draws widespread admiration amongst Indians against a backdrop of the Indian state appearing soft. The government under domestic pressure moves away from its stance of not directly naming Pakistan behind the attacks and hints at forces
across the border being responsible. The peace talks which were going on since 2002 are now indefinitely postponed.

With a breakthrough still not found, there is rising support amongst Indians to prove that Indian is not a soft state and adopt Israeli and American retaliation tactics.
Any and all moderate voices are being shouted down.

Israel has been retaliating against every attack on the state and yet the attacks have not stopped. 120 lebanese and 12 israeli civilians have died in the latest escalation of conflict. This number is just going to rise.

Cancelling the peace talks may or may not scupper the fledgling peace talks, but a lot of people with feelings of retribution may fail to realize the efficacy of retaliation.

How many deaths is enough for any side to have its retribution?

Satyam eva Jayate (Truth only prevails)