The war has come home

America has always fought its wars away so that they dont have to fight it at home, this is now coming to an end.

The western world got up today morning with the news of a new terror plot, based out of britain, being foiled. 9/11 came as a shock, the train bombings in madrid, london and bombay served as a warning and the latest news brings in a realization of, not if there will be a new attack but when.
The war being fought in a small area is slowly spreading into a global one.

President Bush stated that the fight against Islamic fascists will continue and irrespective of sentimentalities, this war is slowly and surely being polarized between muslims and the rest. After today, all airlines have rightly banned all carry on items as each side tries to identify future areas of concern. The battle for control of a mind will continue.

Sooner or later this war had to come home.

2 thoughts on “The war has come home”

  1. That’s not entirely true — you can still bring carry-on items onboard, but nothing liquid or gel-like of any kind. This is in response to the latest plot to smuggle explosives aboard that posed like beverages and personal electronic devices.

    This of course only underscores the kind of problems that something like terrorism inherently cause. If you can’t get intelligence (accurate would be better than unaccurate) on what being planned by those up to no good, then all you can do is react to what someone tried to do and guard against it happening again.

    If you’re playing defense, that’s about all you can do, react. So it’s important to be both sides of the ball, as it were. Play offense and defense. React to something, but also work to prevent something else by staying on the offensive.

  2. The “war”, if we may say so, has truly gone global. Reams of print have already mentioned how the definition of war in today’s world has been changing. And here are some interesting, yet obvious, facts:
    1. The targets of this “war” are now civilians – strike the underbelly of a nation. Make citizens live in fear and that fear espouses more hatred.
    2. Is there any area on this planet which can now be termed “safe?” Forget the inevitability of death, the inevitability of terror and fear is far more today that the fear of death itself. Is this what we will leave behind us?

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