Successful common civil code

India for years has been trying to pass a common civil code to homogenize laws between all the religious communities, but has been largely unsuccessful. Netherland took a tentative first step towards a common code amongst its citizens by banning the burqa. As is expected, this has raised a hue and cry amongst the minority muslim community about religious persecution and intolerance.

There is a saying “When in Rome, do as the Romans” or its oft misrepresented ‘when in rome, do the romans’ but thats a different topic completely, so coming back to the point. Whenever people visit the ultra conservative state of Saudi Arabia, all women irrespective of their religious beliefs do have to cover their heads or even wear the burqa. So I personally dont see why anyone going to Holland, shouldnt observe the customs practised over there. One’s religion is a very personal thing and should always be practised in the confines of one’s home. Out amongst others, no one should receive different treatment based on their religious beliefs.

Whatever be the real reason behind passing the burqa ban in holland, I’m very supportive of inclusive legislation and I believe this ban would lead to more homogenization of their culture.