Tale of two Hussein’s

Hussein: Arabic for Good or Handsome

Two prominent Hussein’s are leading markedly different lives at the moment. Saddam Hussein, has been sentenced to death for his role in mass murder. Meanwhile in the country which overthrew Saddam Hussein’s regime, Barack Hussein Obama is leading a life of messianic promise.
Barack Obama hasn’t yet confirmed his intent to run for the President of the United States, but his popularity rivals that of a rock band like the Rolling Stones (incidentally formed during the cometh of the last messiah). His multicultural background, the son of an immigrant Kenyan black man and a white kansas woman, his harvard background and his charm rivalling the late JFK seems to have America caught up in the Obama fever. Irrespective of the lack of political work and breakthroughs shown in his brief stint as a senator, Obama is dangerously coming close to fulfilling the role of a saviour to take America out of its political and economic gaffe’s and put it back on an even keel on the world stage. If Barack Obama does decide to enter his hat in the ring (and not just endorse the chicago bears to win the superbowl); it will be an interesting race to observe if America, in its vote for the best man or woman, chooses to ignore its past of never electing a woman or a minority as President.

The end of one Hussein’s legacy may mark the beginning of another’s.

One thought on “Tale of two Hussein’s”

  1. and i finally read the post…

    based on pure persona, it wouldnt be wrong to predict that mrs. clinton, obama, mccain and giuliani are the top 4 contenders, unless you have some major gaffes committed by any of them. in terms of personalities, 2008 will be one of the best presidential elections in recent history….

    however who brings what to the table becomes the deciding factor…

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