Minority no more

Through centuries, India has always struggled to find a common ground amongst its myriad of religions and castes. Inspite of the ‘Unity in Diversity’ theme propounded by some of the earlier congress governments, the various religions have not seen eye to eye on most issues.

In one of the apparent attempts to bridge the gap and treat everyone on the same scale; one of the courts in Uttar Pradesh (the most populous state) passed a judgement to remove muslims as a minority group – based on the 2001 census. Minorities have significant benefits and also have a tendency to vote en bloc in elections. Sensing losing an important vote bank, the state government challenged the ruling in the High Court and have the original ruling suspended.

The minority status ruling now looks to be heading the same way as the Uniform Civil Code – a quick and painless death. We will always be United in Diversity, as long as the important issues are swept under the carpet.

One thought on “Minority no more”

  1. Ah, always refreshing to see the US is not the only country where courts take it upon themselves to make laws… 🙂

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