March for freedom

In an event, largely ignored by the american media, thousands of monks have marched out in protest against the ruling military junta. The monks joined by thousands of locals marching for freedom from the oppressive army which has ruled burma with tacit support from china. Aung san su kyi, the nobel peace prize winner from 94 has been held under house arrest and led the last pro democracy movement before it was crushed.

On reports of several people being killed, the UN security council in all its toothless glory, has urged restraint instead of putting pressure on china to stop the gross human rights movement. The victors of WWII who currently sit on the security council continue the unequal treatment of the rest of the world’s population based on the interest of its sitting members while hundreds of people who actually want freedom are killed. It would be interesting if the ideas of freedom propounded by the iraq invadors would be applied to a country with no specific monetory or political gains.

The freedom that a person deserves is probably measured in his weight in oil.