The case of the curious case

Well I had taken a friend’s camera for my tour and her exact words were do what you want but bring the camera case home, which is strangely possessive about a camera case. So I have been taking extra care of my camera case and obviously not so much about my other things, which ended up on me losing my eurail pass.

This obviously inconvenient loss was noticed while drinking coffee at one of Wien’s oldest kaffehaus. Since with the pass I lost my train ticket to munich, I d0ecided to head direct to the station to try to figure out a way out of wien. Now obviously the counter lady couldn’t help me much (even though I had a confirmed reservation to munich under my name), but there was an overnight train to venice in 15 minutes. Not willing to spend an extra night in Wien, I decided on taking the train to venice and purchased a second class seat on the train.

Losing the pass hasn’t been such a bad deal because I’m really not used to travel in first class luxury. Its time I travel with my folks in the second class. Also its been strangely liberating. So now 1 pass down 1 camera case to go

2 thoughts on “The case of the curious case”

  1. Lost the pass and now it’s on to Venice instead of Munich, eh? No worries, you’re only trading big Bavarian beers for some romantic gondola ride… 🙂

  2. haha I’ll leave the bavarian beers for the next trip. Actually I couldn’t do anything in germany this time so there is something still to be done in europe

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