Why not me?

Yesterday was India’s Independence day and most of us got up to the news of Shah Rukh Khan (a slightly effiminate indian film actor) being detained for 2 hours at Newark airport as his last name came up on a special watch list. Ironically he is promoting a movie based on racial profiling.

Considering he is the second big wig to be flagged by security in recent times (the first being former president APJ Abdul Kalam Azad), the media back home is going all berserk on how innocent indians are being profiled everywhere and how India should adopt the “brazilian model” that is subject US citizens similarly to the treatment received by Indians. All this sounds great and I do hope india does adopts the policy of reciprocity, but I’ve been troubled and one question still haunts.

“Why wasn’t it me?”

Now this may sound like an absurd question, but this might have been the most important moment of my life. I see myself as an armchair critic, prefering the comfort of my couch to register protest instead of actually putting plans into action. And that is why that question keeps resonating in my mind … why wasn’t it me. I could have played the racial card to the tee, thrown my hands up in disgust and turned my back to the US.

Maybe I’m not brown enough (I attest to the fact that I’m definitely on the darker side of the brown scale), maybe not muslim enough (well cant really do much there, I find too many faults in that religion to want to convert) or maybe not gay enough. Is the dont ask dont tell policy working against me?

Maybe if someone with any sort of power reads this blog, please put my name in the list of people of “special interest”. I want to feel angry, dont rob me of my outrage!

One thought on “Why not me?”

  1. Hey sonny,
    U can show ur anger without being subjected to such experiences. Look at the Indian media,weren’t they beating their chests as though their(akkha India ka) honour was outraged?It gave enough fodder fr their news channels.

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