Parochial hatred

Bal Thackerey, the lunatic running the Shiv Sena, has now started a vitriolic campaign against Sachin Tendulkar just because he had the audacity to say that he was a proud Maharashtrian but he is an Indian first.

It’s surprising how offensive that line was to the man who once had ambitions to be the Prime Minister of the country, but I’m sure if there was a position for Prime Minister of Maharashtra he would have gladly chosen the latter.
I wonder when the shiv sainiks were busy protecting the “local population” from the big bad muslims during the mumbai riots of 1993; they actually enquired of the people being killed on whether they were maharashtrians or not. Maybe he is trying to score points over his nephew’s MNS party to be the sole voice of the “proud maharashtrian”. Well, when the MNS started their anti-south indian stance in mumbai a few months back, I’m sure they didnt bother finding out as well that the person that was burnt alive in nashik was actually a maharashtrian.
The MNS and Shiv Sena are unfortunately two sides of the same bad coin. They can attack anyone they wish without any concern for the law of the land as they know that the “true Maharashtrians” in the police, judiciary and executive will protect them. The rot is endemic and you don’t have to search far to find the main protagonist.