The old and the new

On the 25th anniversary of Indira Gandhi’s assassination, her daughter in law and congress party leader Sonia Gandhi tried to remind the party of how she still embodies the spirit of the late leader.

Apparently Sonia Gandhi still visits the former prime minister’s residence and occasionally prepares her bed. I’m not quite sure if the current congress leader suffers some sort of delusional psychotic bouts, but if all she wants to do convince the party’s base that she is the right leader, she has nothing to worry.

  • The congress party still endorses sycophancy with the inner decision making group filled with yes-men.
  • The congress party continues to practice dynastic politics where the current leadership’s only claim to fame lie with their illustrious parents.
  • The congress party still apparently fights for the rights of minorities even though they view them as nothing but a big cattle herd of a vote bank.

So Mrs. Gandhi, do not worry. Indira has not been forgotten, the old congress party is alive and well.