Different standards

This week Comedy Central took the extreme step of censoring … a bear.

The cartoon show ‘South Park’ continued its trend of mocking animals by having a bear on the show. I did not realize but quite a few groups seem to sensitive to bears. A group called Revolution Islam actually warned the show’s producers Matt Stone and Trey Parker that they might suffer the same fate as Theo Van Gogh (who was killed for making a film on the treatment of women in Islam). It’s quite surprising how this group and other similar groups have the license to impose their views of wildlife on other non-believers.

Comedy Central, has now taken the stand to protect Revolution Islam’s right to free speech over the writers of south park. Episodes on Buddha, Jesus, Moses, Scientologists, Mormons and Krishna are fine, but apparently bears are taboo.

Maybe it’s just that followers of the bear are special and are held to a different standard than everyone else on the planet.