Goa day 1

I had initially missed on booking for the Goa bicycle trip. Luckily someone canceled and since i was indoors for a couple of months, I jumped on it.

Booked a train to karmali leaving panvel at 6.45 am. To add to the confusion there were two shatabdis going to goa within 10 minutes of each other. It’s a good thing the confusion was cleared before the train left and now I’m on the right train. This holiday special is pretty nice for an I . The breakfast served was vada, upma and bread butter.

The countryside looks really nice during sunrise.

Did not know that the konkan railway is one track. So after lots of stops reached goa in the evening. Since the station was away from the city and I was too stingy to pay full cab fare, I paid a motorcycle guy to take me to the city ( happens quite a lot here).


This is the actual camp site and it’s right next to the bay. And this is the view as soon as you step out.