About me

Talking about yourself is a fairly egotistical process but here goes nothing.

I grew up in Mumbai and following the herd mentality of my generation, came to the US in my early twenties. I’ve backpacked through different continents, trekked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and to Everest base camp, bicycled in Ladakh, hiked through the Sahyadris,¬†ran the Chicago marathon, scuba dived, bungee jumped and sky dived my way through various interests.

I go through phases of atrophy to adrenaline filled activities and in between do some programming as well.

I’ve consulted as an¬†enterprise architect in Finance, E-commerce, Advertisement and Insurance industries. In the year 2013, I have quit my job to work on personal projects. In the words of William Shatner in Star Trek, I’ve boldly gone where no one has gone before …. well …. atleast I’ve boldly gone the way of college graduates who live with their parents after graduation.

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