Giving up is hard to do – II

One of my most annoying possessions has unfortunately been a must have for a long time. Well not anymore, continuing on my path of giving up things, I’m now officially unreachable well at least unreachable through cell phone.

Some things are obviously much more easier to give up and since my cell phone had gone the way of the car alarm, this was pretty easy. Of course like no one cares if a tree makes a sound when it falls in the forest (unless you are in the path of the falling tree), since no one really calls me this won’t be a huge difference to anyone.

Oh Great Spirit – talk to me

The Native Americans believe that the Great Spirit is in all things and if you are pure you can listen to him in the winds.

A few days ago, my laptop was stolen from my room – a tragedy I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. I had a week to reflect on my new found loneliness and my future course of action. Then it struck me, what do people see when they visit their neighborhood Starbucks – quite a few people on their macs happily typing away. They seem joyous and blissfully unaware of the world, like they know a great big secret and now they are satisfied.

Why? Could they be the chosen people. The people to whom the great spirit reveals the fundamental truth of existence, of being one with everything else. It has to be, nothing else makes sense.

So an hour ago, I gave in to my temptation and became one of the numerous sheep who now own their very own Macbook Air. In fact I didn’t even take the macbook back to my room, but my first stop was a local Starbucks. I’ve now unwrapped my Mac and am sitting waiting for the spirits to talk to me, but I feel nothing. Oh great spirits talk to me, tell me the secrets of life and more importantly tell me I’m not a sellout.

I feel nothing.

This is heaven

With India having a terrible start to the Lord’s test match, I decided to seek solace in new version of old jazz classics. Coming back to Madeleine Peyroux, I stumbled onto her take on the old Billie Holiday classic this is heaven.

Putting the old and the new side by side for your enjoyment

Giving up is hard to do

I’m probably never going to be strong enough to follow Buddha’s middle path of giving up all temptations. However on my last trip back to Chicago, I decided to try my own middle path of giving up most of my non important possessions.

Obviously some things were much easier to give up, and if it wasn’t easy, then my trusty hacksaw did the rest. But it’s funny how the most worthless trinket are the hardest things to throw away. I had no problem throwing all my music CD’s and cutting up the computer table, but the TV that hasn’t worked since 2003 is still standing. The Buddha obviously did not have to deal with these kind of issues.


For people comfortable dealing with philosophical issues regarding the presence or more importantly the absence of god, you should watch this brilliant movie – The Ledge

Death of a Qatari

The monsoon’s have started in Mumbai bringing life to a parched city. In this time of life, we look back at the death of an Indian or more accurately Qatari national in London – M.F. Hussain.

I’ve been incredibly proud of India’s tradition of inclusion. Unfortunately since the arrival of the Shiv Sena and the Thackeray’s, Mumbai has become communally divided. After their desperate attempt to rewrite history books, try to shut down any scholarly thinking by attacking the historic Bhandarkar Institute in pune, constantly attacking all free press and movie theatres, they effectively exiled India’s most prominent artist.

Unfortunately the so-called liberal elites stood disunited while the government which already has lost the moral authority to lead, stood in silence. In the end M.F. Hussain died in a foreign country, pining for his country of birth, as a Qatari national.

A lot of people dream of living again in the Satya Yuga, in the time of Dharma, but how can we when we have lost the moral right.

Is the road less traveled on worth it

I’ve been talking to a dear friend of mine on the need to keep challenging yourself and do things out of your comfort zone.

Last weekend I climbed to the abode of gods at Mount Olympus here in Salt Lake City. It was definitely one of the more strenuous hikes I’ve been on recently as it makes it way up to about 9000 feet.

Last night was my first desi party in SLC. I generally don’t go to desi parties as its generally a sausage fest with way too many guys and girls in tight dresses trying to get the muffin top look in style. Ofcourse, I did see a girl who’s unfortunately been on my mind since. It’s funny how much ever you try to rationalize that your brain is projecting certain characteristics on someone you’ve never talked to, you can’t shake off that feeling that she was perfect.

I know I’ve wanted to do things radically different, I definitely didn’t want to change from being an anti-establishment type to a lovestruck teenager. So till I climb olympus again or do something similar, I’ll let James Blunt do the talking for my miserable heart.

James Blunt – You’re beautiful


Kramer and the car

After taking inspiration from Seinfeld’s episode where kramer drives a car till the tank is almost empty, I decided to doing the same to make my trip back from Moab more interesting.

Ofcourse trying this in New York City is much different from doing it in central Utah. It’s interesting to note how your reaction to the situation changes slowly.

It starts with excitement on a new adventure. You start of admiring the beauty of the stark nakedness of Utah and love the way the shrubs and the desert sand look against the mountains in the distance. You see a few cars, but no civilization at all.

Once the excitement wears off, the excitement turns into nervousness. You gaze more on the fuel indicator than on the road. You try to summon previously unbeknown powers of mental control and try to make sure the indicator does not tick lower. You shut off air conditioning, but can’t roll down the windows in this hot desert air for fear of drag.

After still not seeing any signs of civilization, you give up. In the stage of reflection you look back at your life and wonder if the trip all the way from India to the US was worth it; if the end was in Utah. You speed up, not in hopes of fuel economy, but when the car stops you will roll that much longer. You will of course be pleased that when future archaeologists are working with dinosaurs they’ll be completely surprised on finding remains of an Indian amongst them. Of course by then evolution will no longer be a theory, so survival of the fittest will easily explain why he didn’t survive.

Subway! Subway and Philips-Conoco! I’ve never been so excited to see you. Price, Utah, I’ve no idea what you are doing in the middle of nowhere, but you are priceless!!

Full tank and full stomach, mind and body rested. Lets see how far I go this time!!


IMG_20110430_151750 by kulkano

After being stuck indoors in Salt Lake City for a few days, I decided to take a day trip down, last weekend, to Moab, Utah. Moab was spectacular. It was busy and such a pleasant surprise seeing all the people on the streets after the relative emptiness of SLC. The hikes were great and its definitely a place where I’ll be back again soon.


That’s money, honey

I’ve been trying to figure out why I haven’t turned out to be a world class athlete yet. After a bit of analysis, the only reasonable conclusion that I could come up with is – sea-level.

See I’ve lived my life in two sea level cities, Mumbai and Chicago, the lack of rarified mountain air must be the reason for my lack of athletic ability. So now that I’m in Salt Lake City, I have to make up for lost time.

Now you must be wondering that sea level can’t just be the only reason and I thought about it as well. Using shoes to run might also be a contributing factor. The Tarahumara Indians (no not from India but from Mexico) are famous for their long distance barefoot running, so maybe I should try that as well.

To ease my transition to barefoot running, I decided to purchase Five Finger’s vibram soles.

Now that I have everything planned out, I started for my first run from my base at the base of Wasatch mountain. A few minutes into the run, I’m completely out of breath and the blisters on my foot are getting increasingly painful.

Well my order of two large pizzas must be going cold, so I guess I can wait a few days and try again.